This is Why You Hire a Pro Wedding Photographer

This is Why You Hire a Pro Photographer

Jan 14, 2016

Disclaimer of Aaron Spelling and grammar:

So before I begin,  a small bit of a disclaimer.  This is new to me.. Blogging. and well if you know me.. Spelling and grammar well that is so not my thing, and I mean, life dependency, its not my thing.  So if you find something wrong.  Eh, just laugh it off.  Photography is what I’m really talented at.

Before you read the article.  It so important that on these amazing days you are smart about what investments you are doing.  Yes EVERYONE today is a photographer but .. NOT everyone is a Professional Photographer.  Let me be very frank as well,  There are many skill levels that professional photographers have.    So here are some points I want you to think about next time it’s your time to hire a Professional to photograph one of the most important and lasting memories of your entire life.

  1. A photograph is not a moment but a life time of memories.  Today you might think your being cleaver by saving a few buck but in the long run you will regret and maybe event hate your choice of not investing in the photographer you really wanted.
  2. Photography is subjective and rules are never the same.  Work with your Professional Photographers style.
  3. Digital Negatives.. who cares!!  Technology changes and there is nothing that will ever take precedence over a print.  A piece of art that is you and your family in your home. Get professional prints.  Get a professional album.  There is a reason there is a cost to them.  They last a life time, The colors are correct and the quality is top.
  4. It is ok to give a new Professional Photographer a chance.  But just do your homework and how new they are and how they will handle difficult lighting situations.
  5. Your Venue has a lot to do with your Professional Photographers skills.
    1. example: Having an out door event.  That is a lot less complicated (lighting and photographing) the an indoor event where the photographer has to create their own light.  Deal with mix lighting and produce a proper exposed and white balanced image.
  6.  Proper Professional photography will cost you money.. There is no way around it.  Please do not ask a photographer to work for less because there some one who can shake hands with or rub elbows with.  Please do not use the idea of well you can meet my cousin they are getting married next year as well.   No one asks you to go to work and not get paid..   Your relationship with a Photgrapher can take months even up to a year (depending on the client) to finish all of the print and products you want.  There is a reason our prices are what they are.. It really expensive to operate a company today .
  7. In closing .  I really can go on but no need too I think by now you are getting the point.  Be smart . This is a once in a life time opportunity for you and for the Professional photographer.  We do not get to make mistakes.. Have to be on point every moment of your event.. There is a lot of stress to us as well.. So love us even more!

PS.  Tell your guest to put away their cell phones LOL and enjoy the day ! You hired a Professional Photographer!

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This is Why You Hire a Pro Wedding Photographer

Vogue magazine sparked controversy earlier this month by recommending that brides say “I don’t” to “hiring a professional wedding photographer.” Needless to say, the suggestion didn’t go over well in the photography community.

Now one bride is hitting back at Vogue by posting an Instagram photo that shows why youshould hire a pro wedding photographer.

DIYPhotography writes that a bride named Stephanie didn’t like Vogue‘s idea of relying on photos by guests with smartphones and disposable cameras. So, she posted one of her wedding smartphone selfies side-by-side with a professional photo captured at exactly the same time by Melbourne, Australia-based wedding photographer John Warren.

“And this is why you hire a professional wedding photographer,” Stephanie writes in the caption, along with the hashtags #nailedit, #voguemagazine, and#whatareyoutalkingabout.

“Nailed it,” the photographer replies in a comment on the post. Another commenter writes: “YEESSSSS!!!! Let’s see vogue use a cell phone picture as a cover!!! Love this so much it hurts!”

You can find more examples of Warren’s beautiful wedding photography on his website,blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by @steph_xxoo and @warrenphotographyx

This is Why You Hire a Pro Wedding Photographer

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