Killer Best Man Speech

Jan 16, 2016

Location : Mayfair Hotel and Spa Miami Florida

Photographer: VMAstudios: Aaron Lurie

Second Photographer: Josh H.

Cinematography: VMAstudios: Ian

Second Cinematographer : VMAstudios: Francesca

Bride and Groom: James and Chelsea

 WOW! Killer best man speech is all I have to say. One of the best, most amazing best man speeches of all time. You have to get the popcorn, tissues and sit back and let the hairs just stand up on your neck and arms, as you listen to the weight of the words of James’ bother’s speech. I want you too not read my words, as they will be written in just a mortals stature. Please read and listen to some of these most epic and emotional words.

Sentences like:

“Everything near, that is breathing or alive, feels this sense that a hero , a king, a brother has joined collective conscience.”

Killer Best Man Speech

“This type of unnecessary love, and reluctant pursuance; turns a man into a legend,  only a man of this stature can even be worthy to be with a woman like this.”

Killer Best Man Speech

“Our objective here tonight and for the rest of our lives, together is to be a nourishment to their growth, the support for their foundations, and friends and family they deserve for their rest of their lives”

Killer Best Man Speech

There are few people in the world that can deliver such an emotional Roller Coaster of words and not to mention an amazing voice to go with it.  Please enjoy this amazing Video Produced by VMAstudios and shot by Ian and his talented wife Francesca.  This is a great ride of this amazing wedding in Miami Florida, December 2015


[tg_vimeo width=”” height=”” video_id=”151976225“]


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