Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Feb 5, 2016

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

When you hire a professional photographer you are hiring someone with the technical skill to make your photos look amazing and to capture every detail of your portrait session, wedding, mitzvah or event.  After your event is over you probably won’t remember what kind of music you danced to or what color the table cloth was. But that won’t matter because you will have your photos to look back at. And when you do, all those memories will come fluttering back (you will most likely have a few tears).

Here are few reasons why people don’t think they need a photographer. This is the part that always kills me because there is only so much advise you can give.

  • Some people think well I have a friend who owns an amazing camera and they are willing to shoot our event for nothing.
  • I have a friend, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who will shoot for $500. (never a good idea)
  • I told everyone who’s coming to bring a camera. So I will still have a way to get my photos.

It sounds funny or even a little bit crazy. But we always get the phone call after saying “I wish I had listned to you” or “I wish we had gone with you instead.” Our heart breaks but at this point there not much we can do. So please take our advise and don’t make these mistakes.

Below we have listed why hiring a photographer is not cheap:

“What you think you are paying for when you hire a photographer”
  • Paying for a professional photographer to shoot for a couple of hours or a whole day
“What you are actually paying a Photographer”
  • Paying for a professional photographer to shoot for a couple of hours or a whole day (just the start)
  • Knowledge & Experiences using multiple cameras lighting techniques
  • Cameras & lens (never leave home with out more than one of everything. We can not stop the event just so I can go and order a piece of equipment on line because it broke, lost, or any other reason.)
  • Creative Lighting and state of the art editing software
  • Memory cards (a lot of them)
  • Travel time & gas
  • The multiple hours to edit your photos (for every one hour of shooting equals to 2-3 hours of editing time)
  • Keeping your photos on a back up system. (you might lose them, I am not allowed to lose them)

Quick Story, why having a back up system is so important. We had a client a few months ago call us and ask  if we still had her wedding photos from a year ago. She had a flood in her house and lost all her photos. Lucky for her, she had all her photos sent to her computer in an hour of her asking. So when you settle on a photographer make sure to ask them how they back up your memories just in case something happens.

Back to the list. Why Hire a Professional Photographer?
  • Insurance
  • Day of planning. (YES! I plan your time line, we spend hours planning and figuring out when, where how to handle your family, (but it never works out how we plan. After all it’s family they like to do things their way. :))  How to create the perfect Print Image of the room, first look, Chair Raise and all the other amazing images.
  • Creating your album
  • Editing the layout
  • Sending Images
  • Style Preference
  • Studying online and in person classes to better our craft
  • Updating our computers to handle new technology
  • Working with second photographers
  • Working with assistants
  • Managing Event Staff, Planners, Dj’s, MC, Food, Decor, Lighting,  (all the behind the scenes, you do not need to see on your day, but be assured it’s happening)
  • And more! (YES MORE!!!!)

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Why Hire a Professional Photographer?




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