Lauren & Adam's Wedding

Lauren & Adam’s Wedding

Nov 8, 2017

Lauren & Adam’s Wedding

Vendor Highlight

Written by: Aaron Lurie

Photography: VMAstudios

Photographer: Aaron

Venue: Stone Wall Farms

Decor: Adam,Lauren and Family

Entertainment: Sami Automatic

Food: My Chef Catering


I met Adam and Lauren back in April at the Strawberry Festival in Cleveland. I was photographing the event and Adam had a booth across from me selling his amazing sauces. (  We got to talking and he fell in love with our work. So the next best thing to do was.. Get Lauren involved!

Adam and I had a great connection. Both euntrapural spirits, it was just perfect when I got to meet Lauren at Starbucks. We had many great laughs and truly connected. I was excited to hear how amazing their wedding was going to be.

Both Adam and Lauren had their vision and what was even cooler was the support of their families to help make this day more amazing. So it was official… coffee and a contract and we were a pair made in heaven.

Sept 23, 2017, was upon us. And here we are at Stone Wall Farms, an amazing wedding location with a southern charm that can be dressed up or dressed down. Adam and Lauren looked amazing. A few days prior we scouted out some great locations and one of my favorites was the pond where we captured this epic moment. The only regret I had capturing this amazing couples wedding was not enough time to shoot around the Farm. Truly an awesome location.

Enjoy some of the best moments from Adam + Lauren’s Wedding Day.

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