Studio Shoot of Leilani Grace

Studio Shoot of Leilani Grace

Jul 25, 2018

Location: VMAs Portait Studio in Raleigh

WOW… is all I have to say about this little 4 year old girl. Leilani is filled with so much love that it just poured out of her. And her over the top personality shines through every image. A typical smile, Nah.. not for Leilani.  A smile will never just tell you her true story.

One of our favorite qualities of Leilani is how she is always telling you about the most interesting stories and keeping a smile on your face. It’s hard not to be happy when you are around this little girl.

Leilani’s mom, Lillian of (Lillian Suarez Wedding and Events ) wanted to document her daughter turning four.  So how could we resist. Loaded with three different outfits. We where off to the photo shoot. And I have to be honest I didn’t think we would get a chance to photograph them all. But Leilani worked it like a rock star. As you can tell from the pictures below she has a lot of spunk. She kept me on my toes the entire session.

Thank you Lillian for trusting us to capture your beautiful family. First you and your amazing husband, then your sister for her junior portraits and now your amazing daughter. Next we will have to get you son Theodore into the studio.

Thank you for allowing me to capture these amazing photos of you precious daughter.



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