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[drop_cap]A[/drop_cap]s an International Award Winner for his event photography, Aaron has taken his skill and creative eye and is now recognized as South Florida’s Premiere Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photographer. Starting over 10 years ago, Aaron found his passion in photography when his daughter Merissa was born, thats when the love with photography happened. In recent month Aaron’s images have been featured on cover of numerous magazine. He has been highlighted in the Mitzvah world and has been training with some of the world foremost Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

Aaron’s professional career started in South Florida, getting exposed (no pun intended) Aaron focused (ha did it again) on family portraiture, events, and corporate photography. Aarons style is unique and is described as vibrate, real world style that is, modern, timeless, abstract, and creative. The desire to create long lasting art work of his clients is his new passion and driving force.

“As a family man, married for 14 years and dating my wonderful wife for over 27 years, with two beautiful children, there is nothing more valuable than the moments captured and frozen in Photography. My passion to create heirloom pieces to share with my family and my children’s family. This is a legacy that I want to leave behind, and I want that for your family too. A tangible piece of joy, that lasts the test of time. I believe we all need to invest in. We have moments everyday, some are more special than others. It is my responsibility, on the day of your child’s Mitzvah to give your family the moments you all deserve.”

Aaron knows how important your day is, and he know how important it is to gel with your photographer. We can ruin your day and make it memorable for all the wrong reasons. You get one shot at this and it’s important to do it right. We are here to guide you through the process. Aaron’s job is getting to know people, What’s important to them, how your family story started, etc. Getting to know your story allows him to incorporate your child’s, and your families personalities into your

event and make your images unique to you. “I feel truly blessed to be part of your families Mitzvah”.