B e h i n d  t h e  l e n s  o f  V M A s t u d i o s

We are a Family business that believes in the art of  STORY TELLING your special life events. We are dedicated to capturing those once in a lifetime memories and believe that theres nothing more important than having the means to tell your story in this world. Our Legacy that we will leave behind is the moments of your life. Now that is the greatest honor we can give back. NOW and in the FUTURE. your loved ones will get to relive your life from the perspective of our lenses. WOW... thats just too cool to think about!

Welcome to Our Family...

Vanessa runs everything behind the scenes, from our website, social media, and creating all of our albums & books for our amazing  clients.

Aaron is our photographer (of course) . He has also trained all of our photographers, so you know that you are in great hands with ur team. 

Meet Vanessa & Aaron

Owners / Photographer

Two children

FUN facts

1 Frenchie & 1 Goldendoodle



I've shot hundreds of portrait sessions, dozens of weddings and events, and all sorts of stuff in between. I'm a pretty calm and relaxed guy, but I happily step up to take charge and give direction when the time is right. If there's one thing my clients say about me across the board, it's that I give my all to deliver the best experience possible from our very first meeting all the way through to the delivery of your final images.

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Meet Justin

Main Photographer

Specializes in: Weddings, Mitzvahs, & Events

FUN facts

Dad of 3 children

Likes to Surf 

Plays the guitar

Loves to travel

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Specializes in: Weddings, Mitzvahs, & Events

Two rescue dogs, Pbbles & Chance

I love my clients, their love stories and their events. I love the connection that we create through the process of photographing your event, but most importantly I’m super grateful for the friendships that are born during that process.


Meet Patty

Main Photographer

FUN facts

Patty is my middle name

Hello. My name is Michael and I'm a Raleigh NC based, internationally and locally published photographer who loves to travel. I bought my first camera back in 2008 and it changed my life forever.
Over the years, I've photographed various landscapes, musicians, presidential candidates, multicultural weddings, corporate events, Broadway shows, and portraits all across the US and Europe. My images have been displayed on the big screen at Time Square in New York as well as appearing on the BBC and broadcast throughout the UK by the Sky Network.
Photography has taken me places I've never dreamed of being. From hanging out backstage with the likes of Ringo Starr, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and John Cleese while shooting concerts and Broadway as house photographer for one of the top theater venues in the nation, to photo assignments, workshops, and personal projects from Hawaii to the UK.


Specializes in: Portraits & events 

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Meet Michael

FUN facts


World  TRAVELer

Loves camping

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Specializes in: Weddings, Mitzvahs, & Events

I specialize in music videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, and events such as weddings, fashion shows, concerts, etc. I strive myself in being perfect, unique, original, and creative.


Meet David

Main videographer

FUN facts

Studied acting

Loves  philosophy

Loves  to travel

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My passion is providing our clients with the highest quality service. Your satisfaction is second to none! Any special requests you might have, please feel free to ask. We look forward to working with you, and we know you'll LOVE the results! 

Meet Nathan

Main Photographer

Specializes in: Weddings & Mitzvahs

FUN facts

Dad of 3 boys

Master welder & Carpenter 

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Specializes in: Weddings, Mitzvahs, & Events

James is very talented at his trait. He can make your child appear any where you want them, whether it's in New York or on the moon, he can make it happen. The possibility's or what you come up with. View Jame's 


Meet James

Graphic Designer

FUN facts