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Highlighting your child's accomplishments has never been easier. With over a decade of photographing teens and their favorite activities we have created some fantastic Portraits. If you ask me, the biggest reward is the look of confidence and pride when they see themselves capture with our lens. Compound that with wall art; they are reminded daily of their uniqueness. If you love the photography art of your family in your home, we need to talk.

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We are now offering Studio sessions for all our clients needs! The studio gives us the ability to control every aspect of the session! This allows us to give you the best possible lightning and affects for your ideal photos! 

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why VMAs

In the digital "instant" age, we want to deliver your images as fast as possible. But we do hand edit every portrait that is part of your storytelling delivery; There is a balance between taking our time and seeing the art created. Like a fine wine that takes time too mature, so does our editing. Sneak peeks of your session are shared in just a few short days, but a typical Delivery of your online gallery can take anywhere from 10-30 days. Your client portal will hose your images. Our online services and local hard drives will back your pictures up for a lifetime. 

For over decade, we have created one-of-a-kind portraits for our clients. We hope to continue that tradition with you. Being a photographer is not about a lens and camera but a connection to the human subject. So we invite you to experience the VMAstudios way!

A great session always starts with communication. We can talk on the phone, set up an online video call, or meet in person. But, first, planning your vision will be fun! I want your creative ideas to flow. My clients always inspire me, and that is what helps me develop our visions together. Some sessions are simple and minimalistic, bringing a modern and mature feel.
In contrast, other sessions can be outspoken and loud, demanding a response from your viewers. Whatever journey our planning takes us, our portraits will be about who you are! I can not wait to create for you.

Our collections are built for you to enjoy the most out of our service. They include a perfect balance of digital products, wall art, Albums, Books, and innovative one-off products perfect for your home. Our digital user platform gives you full access to your account, with online galleries, Photo hosting, Shopping carts, and online digital backup of your portraits. All part of the VMAstudios experience.

Digital is great, but no one screen displays your image as we edited. Digital screens of any size will never live up to print! (We can discuss that together) When we edit your photos, they are colored and calibrated with our high-end monitors to emulate for print. Show your portraits off with large wall art prints as large as 60x80 with options like canvas, metal, and acrylic finishes. Albums and books give you the best value for the most images. What about a custom matt photo box of your favorite images that allows you to display them all to the touch and feel? Our professional printers are calibrated and use the finest printing materials to date. Your portraits should live on for over 100 years.

Portrait sessions typically last 1 hour. We will work with many different lenses, lighting styles, and compositions to create our signature Artistically, Story Telling photography that is modern and bold. Focusing on you, I will help you feel confident, teach you how to pose, work to find your inner comfort, and create a timeless product for you to enjoy through the years of your life. Our final work will be one of a kind because You are one of a kind.


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