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[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]e created VMAstudios in April 2012 when Vanessa and I had enough frustration with our “corporate” jobs.   Having always taking the “safe” road, with the support of each-other dove into what we truly loved and had passion for; Photography. I want to tell you the story of how VMAstudios was created.  So sit back and enjoy.


     Vanessa and I met 1993, and a year later we started to date. Who knew we would be together for over 20 years and counting. It’s so fun and so pleasing to say we are Junior High School SweetHearts.  And still be in love as much as I am when I first laid eyes on her..  (she honestly loves me more but will never admit to it!)  Over the years we have had some amazing moments and our up and downs as you can imagine, but nothing compares to it when we decided to get married and start a family.  This is the moment where I truly picked up the camera.Our StoryOur Story

In 2005 we got pregnant with Merissa.  It was scary as we faced being a young family. I was rocked to my core when I came home and Vanessa told me that the pregnancy strip was positive.  I do not remember much after that for the next two hours. Vanessa tells me I sat in the bath room for a while. So everything was normal, easy pregnancy, our lives where moving forward. Fast forward 7 months bam Merissa was born.  Thats right, at 28 weeks!  She was 2 pounds. OMG!!  Could not believe it.. Vanessa and my world was rocked.  Ok so with out amazing detail.  My honest opinion is that our amazing daughter wanted nothing more than to get out and say hello to this world, because there was no complications, no major issues, just a tiny amazing girl who could not be contained any longer.

Fast forward to 2009, AugusOur Storyt, and we got to do this all over again, this time at 8 months (32 weeks) our son Alexander (AJ) was Born.  This time we where prepared but again would be amazed that AJ also just wanted to see us sooner than asked. As a father there is nothing more amazing than to have a son and a daughter.



So again fast forward to Late 2011 and this is where VMAstudios started.  Have you figured out what VMA stands for?  If not I can Help.  V(anessa), M(erissa), A(lexander),  Pretty cool.  Ok so I did not see it that way at first but Vanessa did.  Leave it to my amazing wife to see our family in everything we do. I love VMA because of Video Music Awards and love the Idea of Visual Memories Achieved as our company.  But Vanessa, had other ideas.  I can tell you that our children inspire us everyday to enjoy life, and look threw our lens as if it’s the first time seeing the world.  The rest is recored in over 500+ galleries Over 500,000+ images, 1000+ batteries (recharged,) numerous state awards and even the “Pinnacle” award for Best Event Photo in 12 Countries  in 2014.


Aaron (my husband) is the photographer and the one to take all the amazing photos of our clients. This has been a passion of his for many years. It started when we got married over 10 years ago.   Aaron decided that he had enough of the corporate life and wanted to do something that he loved.  So with my blessing he quit his job, picked up his camera gear and needless to say, has followed his passion in life. Becoming an event photographer has really become a passion of his. He is extremely social (maybe at times a little to0 social.) But he loves what he does and loves to put a smile on our clients faces, it really is a perfect fit.

I take care of everything behind the scenes, from social media, website building, all our clients paper work, and so much more.  But the one thing I love most is designing all the beautiful albums and books for our clients. I’m not as social as my husband  (opposite attracts) so our roles work out perfectly.  Aaron and I believe in the power of value, no tricks, only treats with our services.  These are your moments not ours, and you deserve to have every one of them.  Our focus is to get past the digital file era and get back to printing amazing and wonderful portraits that will become your families heirlooms.

Our Story

[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]e would love to help “Capture Your Moment” from small to large, it all starts with the first smile.   We are excited to have you be a part of our “VMA” family. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.. Now its our turn to learn about you .  Let’s start our journey together today.  Connect with us right HERE