Let’s Elope!!

Jun 18, 2020

Witten by Merissa Lurie (summer intern)

We know that a lot of weddings have been postponed, due to Covid19. We also understand that some brides had a specific date in mind, either because it meant something to them or maybe just because they liked the date. So why not keep that date and elope, and have the party at a later time when you can be around all our friends and family.

There is something special about having a small intimate ceremony with the couple or just a few people. And if there are some people that you want a part of it but can’t make it, you can consider videotaping or having a live stream. We understand that eloping is not for everyone, and some brides still want to have a beautiful big and fabulous wedding (and we would always love to be a part of that experience as well). When people plan their weddings, they might spend more time on what others might like instead of what they want for their wedding. Also, most people have only so much money to spend on their marriage. When I think of a wedding, I think of something not too big or too small but something that’s cute, stylish, and comfortable for the two people getting married.

Eloping can be a very personal and unique experience for everyone that is involved.



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