Winter Wonderland Style Shoot

Jan 31, 2018


Photography by: Aaron VMAstudios

Hair and Makeup: Wedding Hair by Liz

When it started snowing here in North Carolina and I sat and watched the snow fall. I was inspired to do some sort of photo shoot. But then the snow stoped and I was upset I did not take the full opportunity to make some amazing images. But luckily for the snow stuck around for a few days and I decided to call Liz (we met from another style shoot were we worked together and her daughter was a model at).  She’s an amazing hair and makeup artist and I asked if her daughter Julia and her would like to do a style shoot in the snow.  I was pleased when she said yes and also told me about her mothers 1950’s wedding dress and mink shawl.  I said you had me at wedding!

You might wonder why a snow shoot but why not, something so pure and stunning about a fresh blanket of snow.  There are minimal distractions, zero colors, and the pop of an amazing blue sky and we have a background for an epic and amazing photo shoot with amazing images.

During the shoot I was so cold. OMG… it was cold but Julia was amazing you couldn’t tell from the images that she was freezing. At one point I was laying in the ground so long that my jeans froze to the ground.  It was crazy! Our noses where running and my feet were frozen. But it was all worth it.

Side story about the dress

Liz sent us this story.

“When I first met her in Oct. 1948 I fell in love with her at first sight. On Dec. 21st that year I found out she was only 14 years old, she looked to be 16 or 17 , so I was concerned. I confided in my sister Ida about my concerns dating a 14 year old as I had just turned 18. Ida said introduce me to her, which I did at her apt. Her Mom made us tea and we talked for about two hours. When we left, asked Ida what she thought about Pat’s age, she replied “You would be crazy to give up Pat, she is a wonderful girl, forget about her age. I did forget about her age and forgot about it for the 63 years we were married. They said we were to young to know love, but we proved them wrong. We always thought that Nat King Cole’s song ” They tried to tell us we’re too young” was written for us. It became “Our Song” HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN PAT.


Behind the scenes. Thank you Liz for capturing this amazing photo.




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