Important Photography Information for Planners

Feb 8, 2018

Vendor Highlights:

Location: The Matthews House in Cary

Hosted by: Lillian Suarez with Lillian Suarez Weddings Events

Assisted by: Melinda Fay with Frozen in Time Events

Guest Speaker: Aaron Lurie


Since opening my studio here in North Carolina I have met some amazing vendors. Some I have instantly connected with such as Lillian Suarez. The first time we met was at an open house at Midtown (home of Forever Bridal Wedding Show) where I litterly just opened my office that morning. She instantly fell in love with our work, both her and her husband and the rest was history!
Lillian asked me to be a guest speak in her 12 week class to up and coming wedding planners. I was so honored to help educated and give viatal information to these planners in hopes they will be able to guid their clients with more experties of all things weddings.
Please enjoy the video below, and I hope that you get some important information from it as well.

Here are just a few topics that I will cover.
  • How photography works and what goes into it.
  • Why are professional photographers important to your clients as well as the you as the planner.
  • What type of photography does your client want?
  • When hiring a photographer what are some of the risks you are taking.
  • Why is photography so expensive?




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